Buyer Protection Program

Get back up to 10,000 PLN

Pay with PayU account and use BPP to get your money back if the goods you have ordered are not delivered or do not match their description.

How does it work?

The simple process has only a few steps.

Kontakt z PayU w razie braku lub złego zamówienia.

Contact us

Get in touch with us if you haven't received your order. Or if what you received is not what you ordered. We will try to contact the seller and make things right.

Formularz Programu Ochrony Kupujących od PayU

Fill out form

Just fill out the claim form and send us the relevant documents.

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Wypłata rekompensaty z tytułu Programu Ochrony Kupujących od PayU

Collect money

The deadline for consideration of submissions is 30 working days. 

Questions and answers

What do I get with the Buyer Protection Program?

The Buyer Protection Programme allows for recovery of as much as PLN 10,000!

in cases where you do not receive the goods, you are entitled to a refund in the amount of 100% of its price

in cases when the object significantly differs from the description, you will recover 50% of the paid amount

additionally, we ensure refund of the costs of shipment up to PLN 100.00

When can you use the Buyer Protection Program?

Always, when you pay for online purchases through the PayU Account or when, after performance of the transaction, you create a PayU Account.

What goods and services are excluded from the Buyer Protection Program?

The following items are excluded from the Buyer Protection Program:

  • tickets for artistic, entertainment or sports events;
  • goods available on electronic medium;
  • coupons.
The transaction that I would like to register in the Buyer Protection Program was concluded on Why can’t I apply for complaint?

In compliance with §4, point 11 of the Buyer Protection Programme Regulations, our programme does not include goods purchased in online shops or through online trading platforms that participate in or have their own buyer protection programmes organised according to similar principles to those determined in these Regulations.


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