Save 150 PLN!

Turn on online payments and benefit from our March promotion.
We lower the activation fee to 49 PLN!

Easy to start

100% online. What to do?

1. Registration

1. Registration

dane do formularza PayU

Enter company data

Fill in the online short form - we will download most of the data for you!

Akceptacja umowy w systemie PayU

Accept the agreement

There are only 3 clicks!

Przelew weryfikacyjny w PayU

Make the activation transfer

Transfer PLN 49 on a specified account to start the process of data verification. After recording your payment on our bank account, we will notify you by email that you can accept apayments in your store.

2. Integration

2. Integration

Zaloguj się do panelu PayU

Log in the panel

You can set up and accept payment immediately after registration.

Konfiguracja PayU krok po kroku

Add a store

Affordable Setup Manual, step by step, waits for you.

PayU ma wtyczki do popularnych form sklepowych

Enable payments

We have plugins for all popular shopping platforms and a full documentation for computer programmers.

3. Veryfication

3. Veryfication

Pierwsza płatność w PayU

Accept the first payment

The first transaction is a signal that everything works.

Potwierdzenie e-mail po pierwszej transakcji w PayU

Wait for a message

Soon after first transaction, we will send you a confirmation that your payments are fully active.

Możesz już realizować zamówienia z PayU

Done - you can send goods

You can already carry out orders! Don't forget to check out the benefits provided by other payment methods

Activation fee for PLN 49!


Your turnover is above PLN 20.000?

How to save PLN 150?

Between March 1st (00:01) and March 31th (23:59):

Until 30th April:

  • make the 1st PayU transaction in your eShop.

Full Terms and Conditions of the promotion

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sandbox PayU

You do not have a store yet? Don't worry. We have a test environment where you can see how convenient our payment system.

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