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One account to shop everywhere online.

Have a quick, convenient and secure shopping experience.

One account to shop everywhere online – it’s possible!.

Intuitive solutions, quick transactions, 100% security.

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No one does it better.


Buy on online installments without leaving home!
Decision to award installments in just 15 minutes.

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We protect your money spent online. The Buyer Protection Program means 100% certainty of getting money back from an unsuccessful transaction.

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How others are using PayU.

"Quick transfer and 100000% certainty that the money will get where it should".


"I appreciate how quick and easy it is to make transactions with PayU. I can be sure that a seller receives my money once it is paid and my item is shipped immediately".


PayU Express

Discover the fastest one-click payments in Poland.

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Online payments

Pay online - it's your choice how to do it!
Use PayU to pay for online shopping by electronic transfer, standard transfer or payment card.

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Recurring payments

With PayU you will never again forget to pay for memberships, bills or subscriptions.

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Phone top-up

If you use a Play, Plus, Sami Swoi, Orange or Red Bull Mobile pre-paid card, enter your phone number and e-mail address to have your account topped up.

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Check interesting eCommerce news.

Check interesting eCommerce news.

Quick and convenient shopping with PayU.

Only one login and password to view all your online shopping data.
No need to type your details in each and every e-shop.
See how easy it is!

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