Portfele cyfrowe i płatność przez PayU

One click and the goods are bought

Shortest payment process.

What do you get?

Uproszczenie procesu zakupowego
 z PayU

Fast and convenient payment for the buyers

They don’t have to enter their card data or log in to online banking.

Mniej porzuconych koszyków z PayU

Less abandoned shopping carts

Payment process is simply.

PayU Express zapewnia obniżenie ryzyka transakcji oszukańczych


The transactions are settled in the same way as normal purchases.

General access to e-wallets

We cooperate with 4 providers: Polski Standard Płatności, Visa, Mastercard, Google.

Apple Pay_logo

Apple Pay

Safe payment using Apple devices.


Google Pay

Payment using cards saved in Google (and even Chrome) on any device.

Płatność Blikiem przez PayU


Quick on-line payment using the bank's smartphone application.

Płatność Visa Checkout przez PayU

Visa Checkout

Quick payment using a saved Visa card.

Płatność Masterpass w PayU


Electronic wallet which makes it possible to save a Mastercard/Maestro/Visa card.

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