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Many products, many sellers, single payment

Benefits of the marketplace service

How does it work?

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  • The marketplace service is a single basket which groups offers from various sellers. To do their shopping, the customers do not need to go through the purchase process many times – a single payment will suffice.
  • You do not need to verify the documents of sellers who sell their products via your website. PayU will verify them for you – they will just need to complete a short online form. Information on the status of each seller can be obtained via the API, without the need for contact with PayU.
  • Using the marketplace service, you retain full independence in setting the fees your counterparties would need to pay for each sales opportunity.


The service is fully compliant with the PSD2 Directive.


All technical information can be found at the website:

Questions and answers

Who should choose the marketplace service?

Each website where products and services can be bought simultaneously from various sellers should activate the marketplace service. This would allow the customers to pay for all their shopping under a single transaction.

How does PayU charge the fee for the marketplace service?

At the end of each settlement period, the website owner receives a single invoice to be paid.

What do I need to do to use the marketplace service after the current changes in the payment market?

No changes are needed, as the marketplace service is fully adapted to all provisions of the PSD2 Directive.

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