Szybkie wpłaty za media, abonament lub ubezpieczenia z PayU Mass Collect

Fast payments for telecommunication services, energy, TV, internet or insurance

PayU | Mass Collect ensures

How does it work?

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Questions and answers

Who is the PayU | Mass Collect service dedicated to?

This solution is designed for companies and institutions having mass customers for their products and services as well as greater numbers of received due amounts. Therefore, if you are a telecommunication operator, a TV and Internet provider or if you provide energy services or you are a leasing or insurance company - this product is exactly right for you!

What payment methods are available within PayU | Mass Collect?

While paying the invoices for services, the customer can use fast electronic transfer, payment card or Blik.

What is the individual account number assigned to the sub-account on the website of the service provider used for?

PayU | Mass Collect is based on virtual account numbers identifying the payer in an unambiguous way. Thus, you have the possibility to identify the payer and to read the data contained in the payment reference, e.g. agreement number, invoice number, instalment number, etc., in an automatic way.

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