Szybka płatność kartą przez PayU

Even 93% effectiveness

Quick card payment without intermediaries.

How can you benefit from cards?

Konwersja na poziomie nawet 93% z kartami

Conversion rate even 93%

It is result from our research.

Zwiększenie sprzedaży nawet o 15% przy ratach

New customers

Card payments correspond to as many as 22% of all online purchasing transactions („E-commerce w Polsce 2017”).

Monitoring 24/7 oraz standard 3D-Secure

100% security

We provide protection for all card transactions thanks to 24/7 monitoring and 3DS standard.

How does it work?

Payment card by PayU

Questions and answers

How do chargeback and refund differ?

Chargeback is initiated by the card holder and may (but does not have to) result in the return of the funds by the seller. The task of the bank is to determine whether the given chargeback was legitimate.

Refund is a payment operation initiated by the seller. It relates to a specific card transaction and allows for the transfer of the entirety or a part of the transaction amount back to the customer.

In what currencies are the cards serviced?

If you plan expansion outside the borders of Poland, we also service other currencies (PLN, EUR, CZK, HUF, RON, HRK, CHF) and we operate across the entire European Union. Read more about multi-currency payments here.

How much is the commission on one transaction by card?

You will find the necessary information here.

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