Odbieraj wpłaty podczas rozmowy telefonicznej

Make it fast and convenient to accept a payment over the phone

PayU | MOTO benefits everyone

How does it work?

How does work PayU Moto?

Questions and answers

Who pays for the call?

The customer pays for the call.

Do customers choose a telephone payment option in these times of internet and mobile devices?

Not all people have access to new technologies. Not everyone can use devices of this type - the phenomenon of so-called digital exclusion occurs. PayU | MOTO is an ideal solution for people not having access to the Internet, providing you with the possibility to become a more competitive company, going beyond the online world.

Who can use PayU | MOTO?

Telephone payments are particularly recommended for companies that do not present their full offer on the website or realise orders on special requests by customers. Thanks to PayU | MOTO, you collect payments from the consumer quickly and you do not have to present the full offer on the website so your sales increase - collecting payment directly during the call, you eliminate the ‘abandoned basket’ phenomenon.

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