Z płatnościami cyklicznymi rachunki są opłacane w terminie

Your customers will never have to worry about recurring bills

How can you benefit?

How does it work?

All it takes is a customer's one-off permission to charge a card.

How does work PayU Recurring?

Questions and answers

Who can use cyclical payments?

The service is particularly recommended for companies offering sales on the basis of subscriptions and season tickets. Examples of such companies are:

Fitness clubs,

Medical centres,

Insurance companies,

Utility suppliers (water, electricity, gas),


Companies and institutions charging cyclical subscriptions/contributions,

Services offering subscriptions,

Companies providing services in a SaaS model.

How can the user pay by cyclical payments?

This service is based on transparent integration, i.e. it is performed without redirection to the PayU form. Therefore, you can either make the form available within your service or use the widget prepared by PayU. Use of the latter option is much faster and more convenient. You will find the technical details relating to integration here.

On what basis are subsequent payments made?

Recurring payments consist of debiting of reusable tokens. All transactions apart from the first one which initiates the cycles are not made by the payer but directly by the shop application. The user enters their data and the data of their card, selects the option and the amount of the cyclical payment, and saves all this data only once. Payment in the following months is made automatically.

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