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Do your customers like to pay traditionally? Their bank does not offer quick payments? Don't worry!


How does it work?

How does work standard transfer?

Questions and answers

How does online transfer differ from traditional transfer?

The Pay-by-link service consists of full integration of the payment process with the banking system. During finalisation of the purchase, all transfer data is filled in automatically and editing is blocked. Thanks to this, the buyer does not have to enter the data manually and mistakes are impossible. Payment via this channel is realised in as little as a dozen seconds. On the other hand, in case of the traditional transfer, the buyer fills in the form and orders the payment to the account indicated by PayU during the payment for the order.

When will I receive the payment?

The payment should be received on your account on the next working day.

Where is the traditional transfer in the payment form?

You will find the traditional transfer option under the icon with the title ‘Bank transfer’.

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