W internecie płacisz kartą kredytową i bankomatową.

Fast card payment without any intermediaries

How does it work?

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Questions and answers

What cards can be used to pay on the internet?

On the internet, you can pay with the same credit and debit (ATM) cards as in the stationary shops. It makes no difference where you make the purchases.

What CVV2/CVC2 is?

The code consists of last three digits located on the back of your card. You can find more information about CVV2/CVC2. Accept a transaction and wait for the response of the settlement center.

What chargeback is?

Card payment is the only form of online payments protected with the chargeback procedure. The procedure guarantees security of online transactions. Chargeback makes it possible to retrieve the sum paid if you do not receive the item/service or it does not match its description. In such case, your bank is obliged to credit your account with the disputed amount. Chargeback is at your service whenever something goes wrong, even if a travel agency to organize a trip you paid for has gone bankrupt. It is worth remembering about it.

What 3D-Secure service is?

3D-Secure technology provides additional protection. Every online transaction should be confirmed with an additional password that identifies a card owner and an account. The password is usually sent by SMS or generated by a special token (one-time code).

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