Płatność bez wychodzenia z aplikacji mobilnej sklepu.
PayU | Mobile

Payment with one-click without leaving your shopping app

CLIK and that it is!

How does it work?

How does work PayTouch?

Questions and answers

What payment methods are available with PayU | Mobile?

Currently, Visa and Mastercard payment cards as well as fast online transfers are available.

In what operating systems does PayU | Mobile operate?

The service is designated for the most popular mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

How long does the payment take?

Payment with PayU | Mobile means one click - the entire transaction is performed in an automated manner. The system remembers the payment method selected last time and suggests it for each subsequent transaction. You do not have to perform any additional activities. The user also has the possibility to change the default payment method at any moment.

Does the PayU | Mobile service guarantee the security of the transactions?

Yes, because you enter your data and the data of your payment card only once in the secure PayU environment. The card data is then processed in an individual identifier with which you can make the payments.


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