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Questions and answers

On what basis are subsequent payments made?

All transactions apart from the first one initiating the cycle are not made by the payer but directly by the shop application. The user enters their data and the data of their card, selects the option and the amount of recurring payment, then saves all this data only once. Payment in the following months is made automatically.

How often are the fees collected?

It is up to you and depends on the possibilities available in the service offering the set-up of a recurring payment. The fees are usually collected automatically on a monthly basis.

Is it possible to track the flow of payments?

Yes, the recurring payments are saved in the history of transactions of your account. You have the possibility to inspect them via computer, mobile device or directly in the branch of the bank.

I have recurring. Will I still receive invoices?

Yes. After enabling recurring payments, you can continue to receive invoices according to the previous principles.

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