Buy a croissant and help the children from the Dzieciaki Chojraki Association fighting against cancer

The first edition of the RogaLOVE charity campaign has been launched, the aim of which is to help in improving the treatment conditions for children with cancer. The authors of the initiative are specialized Internet companies: store, PayU payment operator, social network service and logistics platform.

The RogaLOVE campaign is a continuation of the baking tradition of St. Martin's crescent-shaped buns, and at the same time a venture aimed at promoting charitable attitudes during the celebration of the Independence Day. Detailed information on the event is available HERE.

11 November is celebrated not only as the National Independence Day, but also as Day in honor of Saint Martin, with whom the tradition of baking delicious St. Martin's buns is connected. In the period from 4 to 17 November, everyone can order a charitable bun for themselves, their relatives, friends, and colleagues from work. Companies that can give a sweet gift to business partners or employees are also encouraged to join the campaign. The sale of the charity buns is carried out through the website

We are building a clinic for children and adolescents that suffer from cancer

All income from the sale of buns will be allocated for children with oncological diseases through the support for Dzieciaki Chojraki - the Association for the Development of Marrow Transplantation and Pediatric Oncology. The Association has been supporting the Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation of the Oncology, Hematology and Pediatric Transplantology Clinical Hospital of Karol Jonscher UM in Poznań for 19 years. It is the first and one of the largest cancer treatment centers in children and adolescents in Poland. The amount collected during the RogaLOVE action will be used to expand the clinic and purchase the necessary medical equipment.

The Dzieciaki Chojraki Association has been working for the benefit of our oncology department for over 19 years. In 2004-2005, the Association built and equipped the beautiful Bone Marrow Transplantation Department. This time, the Association decided to create new oncology departments, namely the Clinic of Dzieciaki Chojraki, which would meet the European Care Standards for Children with Cancer Disease, including individual patients' rooms with the possibility of 24-hour stay of parents with a child, with rehabilitation, diagnostic and outpatient facilities. All of this so that children have the best possible treatment conditions in the presence of their mothers and fathers - says prof. dr hab. med Jacek Wachowiak, President of the Association for the Support of Children's Bone Marrow Transplantation and Pediatric Oncology - Dzieciaki Chojraki. I am extremely grateful for the help and commitment of those who support us in the development of the clinic and I cordially request all those who are close to the health and needs of children with cancer, for support through the participation in the RogaLOVE campaign - share the bun.


The entire Poland shares the buns! What should you do?

Everyone may take part in the action – what you have to do is to buy buns on the website and share them with your nearest and dearest. You can also encourage your friends in social media to support the collection by publishing a photo with a bun and tagging it with the #rogaLOVE hashtag.

#Marcinytofajnechłopaki on Facebook

11 November is also the name day of Martin - the patron of the Poznań parish, in which the tradition of baking buns was born. We encourage all Martins to be particularly involved in helping and motivating others to act – because, after all, #Marcinytofajnechłopaki (Martinsarecoolguys). So if your name is Martin, take a picture or video with a bun, mark it on your Facebook or Instagram profile with #Marcinytofajnechlopaki and #RogaLOVE hashtags.  The actors Marcin Bosak and Marcin Perchuć have already become the ambassadors of the campaign.

The group of partners supporting the RogaLOVE action includes: the City of Poznań, Google Pay, Santander Bank, Beyond, ANSWER law firm, Poznań I Love You, Brand Collective agency. DPD is a logistics partner of the campaign. The website and the corporate identity elements were designed by a creative partner - the GoldenSubmarine agency. In social media, the campaign is supported by Katarzyna Bujakiewicz - the ambassador of the Dzieciaki Chojraki Association. The official hashtags of the campaign are: #rogaLOVE and #Marcinytofajnechlopaki.

The website of the campaign:

The website selling charity buns: